Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Top 10 symptoms to identify if sulphites are affecting you!

Hi folks I had a fantastic radio interview this morning with an Canadian radio station CKNX-AM920 radio.

Bryan Allen (lovely guy) Host/Co-Producer of THE TALK SHOW interview me and you can listen to it here

I am not sure how long it will be there for but if you can not access it then it will be available on my site also here at
Then click on "RADIO - Interview" in the quick jump menu.

During this interview I shared with listeners a lot of great information here are some highlights:

     ...First thing we need to establish for your listeners is this. Sulphites are a scientifically proven beyond any doubt to be a toxic food chemical. Laboratory tests, real life disasters and double blinded studies have shown this to be a fact:

DEATH - “Adverse reactions to sulphites reported including 20 deaths”.
FDA Consumer.

IMMUNE TOXIN - “A human immune and respiratory toxicant”.
Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics.

CANCER - “One or more in vitro tests on mammalian cells show positive mutation results”.
RTECS®- Environmental Mutagenesis 1985.

NEUROTOXICITY - “Studies show brain, nervous system, or behavioural effect at moderate doses”.
RTECS®- National Technical Information Service 6695.

TOXIC - “Classified as toxic or harmful for products for use around the mouth and on the lips”.
European Union - Classification & Labelling.

ORGAN FAILURE - “Studies show kidney or renal system effects at high doses”.
RTECS®- Food and Cosmetics Toxicology 1972.

I think it is really important that people understand that our current food laws do NOT protect the consumer when it comes to food adulteration.

Most of these scientific studies I am talking about here are studies that were sent to me by Foods Standards Australia New Zealand as the basis upon which they deemed sulphites safe to eat. Most intriguing to me was the INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMME ON CHEMICAL SAFETY WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION study which is referenced in my book, The Sulphite Connection.

It is without question folks that sulphites are toxic and have no place in the human food chain.
Now the question is this. How does one know if sulphites are affecting them?
Most people have been feed sulphites for their entire life so they really have no comparison to how they feel without them. That is the first issue.

Second the symptoms one has from eating sulphites are quite measurable.
Here are the top 10 most common symptoms one experiences from eating sulphites.
  • 1. Digestive distress – bloating, diarrhoea, wind, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and cramps.
  • 2. Fatigue – tired after eating, severe muscle fatigue, exhaustion.
  • 3. Brain fog – difficulty concentrating, inability to think clearly.
  • 4. Mood swings – emotional ups and downs, depression and anxiety; including panic attacks.
  • 5. Breathing difficulties – it triggers asthma attacks, gives people that drowning feeling.
  • 6. Cold/Flu symptoms – you get the feeling like you are coming down with the flu but you don’t.
  • 7. Candid fungus infections.
  • 8. Skin disorders – hives, eczema and unexplained rashes.
  • 9. Heart palpations – causing the heart to thump or miss beats.
  • 10. This one deserves a mention because I love children and it fills my heart with sadness when I see kids drugged to the eye balls unnecessarily, with the fastest growing drug in Australia today and that is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or (ADHA).
Hope you enjoy the interview. Be sure to leave your comments below I love reading your opinions.

To living a healthy life.

Paul Barratt-Hassett
Author of The Sulphite Connection. A Hidden Pandemic Revealed! Finally, an answer to why we are sick.


  1. I just found out today (after an immune allergy test) that I tested strongly against Sulfite. I'm overwhelmed and it's hard to find a lot of information. Your blog has been helpful and I'm bummed you no longer post :) Thanks for the info you have though!

  2. I have been managing a sulfite sensitivity for years. Put me in the hospital twice and the second time I nearly died. The cause? Cheap wine.

    It's hard to put your finger on what causes the reactions, at least if you have it like me. Symptoms I deal with are systemic hives/rashes and in high doses, splitting headache. Problem is that the symptoms appear roughly 18 hours after ingestion and come on gradually over the following 12 hours.

    If having a serious reaction, typical medications like Reactine and Benedryl will stop it from getting much worse but do not actually make the symptoms go away. Visiting the hospital yields an even worse cure: Epeniphrine (Adrenaline) - which happens to be preserved with sulfites. Instead of your heart racing it slows down, at least in my case.

    Here in Canada they have to label if it contains more than 10 PPM of sulfites, but there are hidden sulfites in precursor products like corn starch, corn syrup, caramel color and a variety of other things which may not be listed on the label.

    Beer and eggs contain natural sulfites; I dont find that these naturally occuring sulfites bother me. It is only the human added preservative compounds that bug me.

    There is a compound called sulfite oxidase that your body uses to break sulfites down. In people like myself, I do not produce as much of it as many other people. So when I do have a reaction, the sulfite oxidase is depleted, and I will tend to get reactions intermittently for days or weeks afterwards as the stuff moves through my system.

    I have read that molybdenum is a precursor chemical to the body's manufacture of sulfite oxidase, and that molybdenum in the body is co-regulated by copper. So sensitivity to sulfites could be in part caused by either not enough molybdenum or by having too much copper. Unfortunately getting molybdenum supplements without copper added is difficult and they should only be taken with the supervision of your doctor.

    But back on topic, it is truly frustrating having this sensitivity. It often will pop up and it is difficult to deterine what you ate or drank that causes it. Even eating healthy unprocessed foods you can take in a lot, fresh prawns for example are treated with sulfites to prevent spotting on the shell. Once you get symptoms, your oxidsase levels are low to non existent and the smallest amount of sulfites can cause a reaction.

  3. Thanks for listing symptoms that are outside the box . Most sites list only allergic symptoms s/a asthma and hives. My wife gets severe leg cramps with the tiniest drop of red wine or grape juice containing sulfites - but not after dried fruits interestingly... I think it is giving me brain fog, low mood and anxiety or restlessness.

  4. Thanks for listing symptoms that are outside the box . Most sites list only allergic symptoms s/a asthma and hives. My wife gets severe leg cramps with the tiniest drop of red wine or grape juice containing sulfites - but not after dried fruits interestingly... I think it is giving me brain fog, low mood and anxiety or restlessness.

  5. I react to all candies in Canada and concentrated fruit juices as well as dries and candied fruit

  6. My low tolerance to sulfites has has gotten progressively worse over the past 25 years. It has caused me many sleepless nights. My brain just won't shut down. It is probably a form of anxiety. To combat the problem, I add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide (it reacts with the sulfites to turn them into harmless suphates) to all canned or bottled beer and most cheaper wines. In addition, my wife soaks all of my fresh or frozen vegetables in water doused with hydrogen peroxide. It is very difficult to eat out unless it is at a high end restaurant.