Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Replace muesli bars with this healthy alternative!

Sulphite Awareness Month - post 4.
Replace muesli bars with this healthy alternative!

In today's video you will discover my favourite recipe for muesli bars. They are great for kids lunches or for a snack on the go...

What did you think of the previous video salicylates and the sulphite connection?
Did you learn anything or am I wasting my time?

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Paul :)


  1. Cant wait to try this, not enough to eat in my house.

  2. Thanks Paul for this great video explaining how to make your own healthy bars and snacks, I will try this weekend !

  3. In regards to your illness (following the logic of 'Vampires Victims and Sex Maniacs'), is it not attributable to you being a 'victim'?

    1. Yes, that would be correct… Great learning! Did you enjoy the book?

      In the interest of continuing dialogue for deeper understanding I would like to add the following insights.

      Now I am aware of the source of the cause of my illness, sulphites. The action taken with that new information hitting my system went something along the lines of this.

      I was initially outraged and was very, very angry (Sex Maniac). It was now time to take back control of my life (Tyrant) and I very aggressively for 2 years took on the entire food industry of which I wrote about in my book and if you read between the lines you will notice that I did in fact express power through sexuality (Tyranny through Sex Maniac).

      After getting no where fast and after 2 years of my life doing this work, all I did was got a few people pissed off with me.

      Realisation – stop wasting my time on fighting a system that will never be fixed.

      Instead I have put my energy into helping people, I continue to write, evolve and produce videos, books and system with the intention of helping man kind get smarter and more resourceful to beat the system (Love) :)

      What you will notice is that people switch expressions when they are under pressure or at times of great stress. This is part of our coping mechanisms.

      Thanks for the dialogue; I am sorry that this is an anonymous post as I really enjoy connecting with people through name.

      Thanks for the post, if you want to continue the dialogue maybe you could simple email me

      Paul :)

  4. So, does that mean that when you wrote 'VV&SM' you were not at a higher state of being (as you were presumably ill at the time- it was published before 'sulphites'), therefore not really qualified to write about it in the first place?
    I find you research questionable, based in large part on your inadequate reference list. This list features mainly pop psyche sources. Not one reputable journal is cited. You are clearly influential and you have a responsibility to the people that listen to you. Continue to fight the good fight, however- go to uni.

    1. LOL, while I figured you would end up here, I did want to reply with a constructive intent rather than respond to the predictable and make a judgment on you. A higher being implies one is lower. This is NOT how I see the universe. I see the universe as wholeness, I can only assume you don’t, this show a gap in our thinking to begin with.

      I am going to address something here, in the spirit of a constructive intent but I will say that this is NOT the medium for this type of conversation. I do want to respect my customers that come here for advice and to share thoughts and ideas around sulfite allergy.

      If you feel the desire to continue this conversation in a constructive light, please email me directly. You can contact me via my website,

      So let’s address your “value” and to a certain extent your “belief system” first.

      I don’t see or buy into the limited perspective of Newtonian Physics. So while I do have uni qualifications and have studied many papers, book and academia I don’t particularly care for it.

      I believe in a higher perspective (reference is NOT intended as a hierarchy in case you choose to be predictable and take offence by positioning yourself as lower based on the beliefs you are referencing), higher in the context that the unified field determines the expression of Newtonian universe.

      You see our educational system, scientist (main stream) and physicists all base reality on the pre-supposition that identifying the smallest working bits of our universe will reveal the secret to life. Once we have this understanding we control the working bits and we control life.

      All medicine (and agriculture – Monsanto) today is built on this platform. This is a very, very limited view of reality.

      So my lack of scientific references is sparse for this very reason. Einstein philosophy DOES NOT make money so therefore study in this field is limited because scientific research is for the main part funded by those corporate organisations that desire monopoly over the domain of people’s health and wellbeing, in the name of profit – nothing new here!

      Now, directly to you I want to say this. If you are offended by what you have read, if you feel insulted by what I have written about, if you don’t believe that my journey, my story is not authentic and of no value to you, then by all means throw out the book and get on with your life.

      Be mindful that if perfection is what you seek, you will be surly disappointed because I am not. If a spiritual master is what you seek, then I can assure you, I am not. But if you are looking for a critical thinker that can challenge the narratives of our current reality, well that is something I a passionate about.

  5. part 2...

    I love having conversations with people who can look at the stars with wonder and desire to know… I enjoy engaging in a conversation that challenges my beliefs, that pushes me to stretch my mind into the void of possibility. I love dreamers that walk the walk and fail and fall down and get back up and learn and discover and evolve…

    I have distaste and boredom from those who simply regurgitate the old and mundane and predictable. So if you do choose to continue this conversation, please do me the respect of engaging me in something of value for the exchange of my time, don’t bore me with a high school statement of, “Where is the science man”…

    For those of you wanting to read the book in question, you are welcome to email me via my website, I have a box of them somewhere in the house. The book in no longer in print, there are about 25 left in existence at a guess.

    The book is called Vampires, Victims and Sex Maniacs – Which one are you? A model based on the behavioural forces of human interaction. By Paul Barratt-Hassett
    RRP: $24.95.

    While the book was written about 10 years ago and many of my beliefs have changed since then, the main message of the book is still very relevant, and vital if you desire to heal your body and break free of the limiting emotions of the personality.

    WARNING: Your ego will get offended because the book is all about pulling it apart and slapping it in the face. LOL but its all worth it in the end.

    Thanks for the dialogue Anonymous, if there is anything else on this topic, please email me privately as I will not respond again on this medium.

    Paul :)

  6. Anonymous, why the challenge? Point is that a lot of people including myself are sensitive to sulfites! ( and gluten) I didn't need to go to college to figure this out. I am 66 years old and I've had a lifetime of health issues. That's all I'm saying. I don't have to prove myself to you and I don't think the author does either.