Sunday, 18 August 2013

Salicylates and the Sulphite Connection!

Sulphite Awareness Month - post 3.
Salicylates and the Sulphite Connection!

In today's video you will discover a very important piece to the allergy puzzle. If you have ever had stomach or digestive problems, asthma, skin rashes and behavioural problems then this video will change your life...

Enjoy the video...

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Food Intolerance Network.
Provide support and information related to failsafe eating (free of additives, low in salicylates, amines and flavour enhancers) for children and adult's health, behaviour and learning.


Links for salicylate foods and what to avoid.

The Failsafe Diet Explained – explains how to avoid salicylates, very comprehensive.

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To living a healthy life.

Paul Barratt-Hassett
Author of The Sulphite Connection. A Hidden Pandemic Revealed! Finally, an answer to why we are sick.


  1. Love this site, thank you so much for doing this research for us.

    1. Thank you. I have enjoyed every step (mostly) lol

      I love hearing from people all over the world...

  2. Your welcome, it’s nice to get a thank you and appreciation for the huge amount of time and effort I have put into this over the past 3 years. Really appreciate you taking the time to leave your comment. :) Paul

  3. Thank-you Paul, have learned so much

    1. Your welcome, thanks for your kind and supportive comments. :)

  4. Dear All,

    I strongly recommend reading Paul Barratt-Hassett’s book: Very meticulous work to learn how to minimise exposure to Sulphites and improve one's health and one's energy level.

    Key Benefits from the Book and this very meticulous Work

    • While I am NOT a doctor, I personally think that there is no need for Life-long Medicines; we simply need to suppress exposure to sulphites. Treatment is not from pills but from understanding where Sulphite are hidden and Paul's book is so valuable for that!
    • Understanding that we cannot rely on the food labelling (No Sulphite mention if concentration < 10ppm and there are many breaches),
    • Shed the light on Hidden Sulphites in food: Learn to read food labelling to identify food ingredients hiding sulphites.
    • Shed the light on the fact that there could be Sulphite even in organic food (Organic = No assumed pesticides however Sulphites could be present as preservatives),
    • Shed the light on Sulphites in Medicines and Cosmetics,
    • Shed the light on the wider problem of food additives / pesticides while focusing on Sulphites.

    Very Pragmatic approach to avoid Sulphites

    • Explains very clearly how Sulphites are hidden via many examples of communications with food manufacturers who are using any possible trick to hide Sulphites with false / misleading marketing and lies on food labelling.
    • Highlight the food ingredients to remain alert to as a matter of priority. Highlight clearly where Sulphites could be hidden : e.g. 1) Caramel / Sugar et 2) Starches and Flour of all the following: Corn / Potato / Tapioca) and 3) Dressing / Sauces / Seasoning),
    • Very practical examples of how to read the list of ingredients to spot hidden sulphites with real examples of products you are potentially buying every day (Hamburgers / Sodas / Muesli Bars / Cereals / Water / Canned Beef / Gluten-free products


    • Adding a one page image summary picturing foods with high level risk of containing Sulphites in a similar way to below link. I print this picture summary and give to my close relatives and in restaurants as almost nobody is aware of Sulphites and thanks to this picture summary, it is much easier for the waiter at the restaurant to quickly grasp which ingredients I cannot eat thus minimising the risk of exposure.
    • To make the book more concise and easy to go through, it could be worth putting the discussions with food manufacturers in the appendix (all the emails with food manufacturers at the back of the book so as a reader it is easier to get the whole picture and to get into more details if needed by referring to additional materials at the back of the book such as discussions with food manufacturers where Paul highlight very well when food manufacturers lie or try to hide re. sulphites. Even in its current format, the book offers so much insight, really worth it!

    Have a very nice day and wish Good Health to All
    I also recommend another book which is also explaining how Sulphites are hidden in a very concise manner.

    1. Thank you Bruno. Very kind and supportive of you. Glad you are feeling empowered...

      Paul :)

  5. Hi Paul,
    I am severely sensitive to salicylate, amines...etc etc....i eat a lot of cabbage, onion, spring onion and eggs...all of which are high in natural sulphurs....would this be harmful for still unwell with fatigue +++ and gastrointestinal and systemic problems....
    Would love to hear your views..
    Anita ☺