Sunday, 10 July 2011

20,000 times sweeter than sucrose and you pee radioactive urine. Anyone want some?

Just when you thought it couldn't get any more (so many words pop in my head here like ridiculous, retarded, chemical, spastic, unnatural, toxic), just to name a few, here comes Advantame.

Before we get to radioactive pee, let me ask why in the world would you need something 20,000 times sweeter than fructose? Our taste buds are already blown out and totally addictive to sweet sickly foods, just say “no” to a child that wants a lolly and watch the tantrums go on and on and on.

Don’t have kids, open you eyes and ears next time you go to a supermarket there is always plenty to watch and get entertained there.

This sweetener (if you could call it that – it seems that a toxic radioactive substance now classifies as a food this day and age) is a real beauty. It causes a whole range of side effects but don’t worry it tastes yum and FSANZ have given it the all OK after running it through their through and stringent tests to make absolute sure it poses no health risk.

Here are some of the highlights:
“The mid-dose subject reported a headache. An upper respiratory tract infection was noted in one high-dose subject, with high-dose subjects experiencing either headache or dizziness”.

Nice, can’t wait to taste it!

“A total of 8 adverse events involving 5 subjects were reported. The majority (7) of these events were classified as mild, with one classified as moderate. The mild events included general disorders and administration site conditions (1), injury, poisoning and procedural complications (5) and musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders (1). The single moderate event was a GIT disorder”.

There were only 6 subjects in the study, that 90% showing adverse reactions!

Yet the conclusion was… “A single dose of Advantame was well tolerated”.

I find this frightening. It is scary to think this and thousands of other chemicals tested “on their own” are getting into our food chain because they DON”T cause a pandemic, but we are already in a pandemic, you just can’t prove it via the courts so they just keep on coming and coming and coming…

Radioactive urine:
You have read that correctly, don’t believe me go read it for your self here on the FSANZ website

Not only do you get “glow in the dark urine” at night radioactivity was detected in the liver, kidneys, stomach, intestines and bladder. This reminds me of a Simpsons episode where Mr Burns was walking through the forest at night glowing like an alien.


Oh, it’s good for diabetics too.

The jingle:
Ad-van-ta-m-e, I have it for breakfast, I have it with tea, anything sweet makes a good recipe, Ad-van-ta-m-e.

Disclaimer: Please understand there is a lot of sarcasm in this article. It is NOT advice, nor a recommendation for people to consume Advantame. Please do your own research before changing or modifying your diet.


  1. This must be part of population control!...huh?

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