Thursday, 30 June 2011

It's official Channel Ten News on Monday Night

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Just a quick one today. It is official my story about sulphites hidden and undeclared in foods will be aired this coming Monday the 4th July on Channel Ten News. It will be on between 5pm and 6:30pm.

I know it will definitely on in Brisbane, it should go national but that is up to each state to decide.

So tune into Channel Ten and tell your friends to do the same as it will be a great story.

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Paul Barratt-Hassett
Author of The Sulphite Connection. A Hidden Pandemic Revealed! Finally, an answer to why we are sick.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The making of The sulphite connection on Channel Ten News.

Hi folks,

I now have subscribers from all over the world. Hello to all of you beautiful entities in all your wonderful parts of the world.

Today I have a video post (if I can get it to work). It is my journey up to Brisbane and back to do an interview with Channel Ten News.

It was great fun; I did an interview with Channel Ten reporter Chloe. Then I did a cooking piece in the kitchen along with a dietitian named Julie you can view her website here

Before you view the video blog I wanted to share with you this email I received today from a lady in the UK. I receive many of these types of emails and to stress a point with you, it is not uncommon for many people to be in the same boat.

Julie (the dietician above) mentioned that sulphite sensitivity is currently about 1% of the population be stresses that it may be more likely 5%. I wish I was asked that question because I would have that figure more like 30%. A big difference yes, but no one have ever bothered to actually do the research and with a HUGE amount of people eating sulphites unknowingly (due to hidden and undeclared sulphites) I think that 30% is being conservative.

1 in 5 now have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) related problems, Asthma affects 1 in 10 Australians and Ritalin to treat ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) is one of the fastest growing drugs in Australia today. Sulphites play a HUGE part with all these conditions. Something for you to think about anyway.

********************EMAIL BEGIN*****************************
Hi Paul

Thanks for your very prompt reply - its midnight here in the UK and I forgot that it would be around midday for you! I have now received the email which gives me access to the first chapter and have downloaded it, thanks very much.

I have had a long running sensitivity to sulphites for over 35 years, and despite trying my best to avoid them (now I know what causes my symptoms), I still feel unwell with symptoms on most days. I am therefore hoping that your book will let me identify those 'hidden' sulphites that I am still being affected by, so thank you very much for your research on this, and well done for making yourself well again - something I dream of!

There must be many thousands of people out there who are unaware of the effect that sulphites are having on their health. My experience of trying to involve the medical profession in the UK is that they are simply not interested. In all the time I have had this allergy I have never been able to get a doctor to help me, or even confirm my allergy with a test.. When it first started at the age of 16 and my mother took me to our GP he said I was perfectly alright and should see a psychiatrist if I carried on insisting I wasn't! For years I suffered in silence having no idea what was causing my symptoms. I feel quite angry that food companies are so reckless with our health.

Best wishes and good luck with your book.

********************EMAIL END*****************************

Remember you are NOT alone. If you feel unwell and have some of the symptoms related to sulphite consumption – listed here , take heart it can be resolved and you will get better.

Here is the video blog. I hope you enjoy. (Duration approx 2 minutes).

To living a healthy life.

Paul Barratt-Hassett
Author of The Sulphite Connection. A Hidden Pandemic Revealed! Finally, an answer to why we are sick.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Erin Brockovich and Endosulfan (sulphites) pesticide.

Here is the news article:

Well it appears that Endosulfan (a sulphite derived pesticide) gets its name in the media again. Well fortunately for us Australians it has been finally banned in Australia and while that is great news (particularly for those of us who react more violently to sulphites) there are still way too many pesticides being used in the food chain.

It the above news article you will read about Erin Brockovich joining the fight to protect Australian environment from these poisonous chemicals. They kill microflora and fauna, insects, frogs, birds and of course make us humans sick but the government do nothing or at best very little. Australian politics are nothing more than remote controlled robots for multinational chemical giants.

Future consciousness:
The greatest power in the universe is consciousness. My consciousness, the way I live, how I think on a daily basis does NOT include these tyrant companies, nor does it include the people who refuse to see the damage that using these toxic chemicals do to our eco systems and our planet.

Nature will take care of such people and companies, after all NOTHING can hide from the power of nature (just look at NZ, Haiti or Japan earthquakes). What these companies and the people supporting them (this included those who purchase their products to spray their weeds in their gardens) seem to NOT understand is this, the earth is a living biological system that has a consciousness. It will cleanse itself from toxins, it will get a fever (volcanos erupting and extreme hot weather) it will get bowel movements (earth quakes), it will wash and cleanse its skin (tsunamis and wind), it will get the chills (freezing temperatures) and all this will continue until all those who choose to poison her are cleansed (dead).

I support the planet in her cleanse and welcome the end of such stupidity in ones thinking to use such ridiculous methods for growing food and managing agriculture no matter how big or small.

My consciousness holds the view that the world is one of harmony and balance where people live and grow food in line with natural systems and follow natural biological relationships with plants, animals and us. My vision does NOT include the chemical tyrants, they are gone. I invite you to join me and hold the vision and unite a consciousness that includes loving and respecting our earth and fellow like minded human beings. I send my love; I send my vision and hold the space. I encourage you to tune in and join the millions of us across the globe that are aligned to the only future that can exist as the one these chemical giants live in is already dead. 

What can we do?
Don’t ever spray another toxic chemical ever again on our beautiful earth. Educate yourself on natural methods of weed management, pest control and biodiversity farming methods such as this organisation here

This link shows a whole country living without monoculture methods and no longer uses any petrochemical based fertilisers or pesticides, so don’t ever think for one moment it can not be done because it can visit

There are NO excuses for poisoning our earth anymore, if you do you will get blown away, drowned or die of disease - its natures order NOT mine. You choose!!!

To living a healthy life.

Paul Barratt-Hassett
Author of The Sulphite Connection. A Hidden Pandemic Revealed! Finally, an answer to why we are sick.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Top 10 symptoms to identify if sulphites are affecting you!

Hi folks I had a fantastic radio interview this morning with an Canadian radio station CKNX-AM920 radio.

Bryan Allen (lovely guy) Host/Co-Producer of THE TALK SHOW interview me and you can listen to it here

I am not sure how long it will be there for but if you can not access it then it will be available on my site also here at
Then click on "RADIO - Interview" in the quick jump menu.

During this interview I shared with listeners a lot of great information here are some highlights:

     ...First thing we need to establish for your listeners is this. Sulphites are a scientifically proven beyond any doubt to be a toxic food chemical. Laboratory tests, real life disasters and double blinded studies have shown this to be a fact:

DEATH - “Adverse reactions to sulphites reported including 20 deaths”.
FDA Consumer.

IMMUNE TOXIN - “A human immune and respiratory toxicant”.
Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics.

CANCER - “One or more in vitro tests on mammalian cells show positive mutation results”.
RTECS®- Environmental Mutagenesis 1985.

NEUROTOXICITY - “Studies show brain, nervous system, or behavioural effect at moderate doses”.
RTECS®- National Technical Information Service 6695.

TOXIC - “Classified as toxic or harmful for products for use around the mouth and on the lips”.
European Union - Classification & Labelling.

ORGAN FAILURE - “Studies show kidney or renal system effects at high doses”.
RTECS®- Food and Cosmetics Toxicology 1972.

I think it is really important that people understand that our current food laws do NOT protect the consumer when it comes to food adulteration.

Most of these scientific studies I am talking about here are studies that were sent to me by Foods Standards Australia New Zealand as the basis upon which they deemed sulphites safe to eat. Most intriguing to me was the INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMME ON CHEMICAL SAFETY WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION study which is referenced in my book, The Sulphite Connection.

It is without question folks that sulphites are toxic and have no place in the human food chain.
Now the question is this. How does one know if sulphites are affecting them?
Most people have been feed sulphites for their entire life so they really have no comparison to how they feel without them. That is the first issue.

Second the symptoms one has from eating sulphites are quite measurable.
Here are the top 10 most common symptoms one experiences from eating sulphites.
  • 1. Digestive distress – bloating, diarrhoea, wind, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and cramps.
  • 2. Fatigue – tired after eating, severe muscle fatigue, exhaustion.
  • 3. Brain fog – difficulty concentrating, inability to think clearly.
  • 4. Mood swings – emotional ups and downs, depression and anxiety; including panic attacks.
  • 5. Breathing difficulties – it triggers asthma attacks, gives people that drowning feeling.
  • 6. Cold/Flu symptoms – you get the feeling like you are coming down with the flu but you don’t.
  • 7. Candid fungus infections.
  • 8. Skin disorders – hives, eczema and unexplained rashes.
  • 9. Heart palpations – causing the heart to thump or miss beats.
  • 10. This one deserves a mention because I love children and it fills my heart with sadness when I see kids drugged to the eye balls unnecessarily, with the fastest growing drug in Australia today and that is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or (ADHA).
Hope you enjoy the interview. Be sure to leave your comments below I love reading your opinions.

To living a healthy life.

Paul Barratt-Hassett
Author of The Sulphite Connection. A Hidden Pandemic Revealed! Finally, an answer to why we are sick.