Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Erin Brockovich and Endosulfan (sulphites) pesticide.

Here is the news article:

Well it appears that Endosulfan (a sulphite derived pesticide) gets its name in the media again. Well fortunately for us Australians it has been finally banned in Australia and while that is great news (particularly for those of us who react more violently to sulphites) there are still way too many pesticides being used in the food chain.

It the above news article you will read about Erin Brockovich joining the fight to protect Australian environment from these poisonous chemicals. They kill microflora and fauna, insects, frogs, birds and of course make us humans sick but the government do nothing or at best very little. Australian politics are nothing more than remote controlled robots for multinational chemical giants.

Future consciousness:
The greatest power in the universe is consciousness. My consciousness, the way I live, how I think on a daily basis does NOT include these tyrant companies, nor does it include the people who refuse to see the damage that using these toxic chemicals do to our eco systems and our planet.

Nature will take care of such people and companies, after all NOTHING can hide from the power of nature (just look at NZ, Haiti or Japan earthquakes). What these companies and the people supporting them (this included those who purchase their products to spray their weeds in their gardens) seem to NOT understand is this, the earth is a living biological system that has a consciousness. It will cleanse itself from toxins, it will get a fever (volcanos erupting and extreme hot weather) it will get bowel movements (earth quakes), it will wash and cleanse its skin (tsunamis and wind), it will get the chills (freezing temperatures) and all this will continue until all those who choose to poison her are cleansed (dead).

I support the planet in her cleanse and welcome the end of such stupidity in ones thinking to use such ridiculous methods for growing food and managing agriculture no matter how big or small.

My consciousness holds the view that the world is one of harmony and balance where people live and grow food in line with natural systems and follow natural biological relationships with plants, animals and us. My vision does NOT include the chemical tyrants, they are gone. I invite you to join me and hold the vision and unite a consciousness that includes loving and respecting our earth and fellow like minded human beings. I send my love; I send my vision and hold the space. I encourage you to tune in and join the millions of us across the globe that are aligned to the only future that can exist as the one these chemical giants live in is already dead. 

What can we do?
Don’t ever spray another toxic chemical ever again on our beautiful earth. Educate yourself on natural methods of weed management, pest control and biodiversity farming methods such as this organisation here

This link shows a whole country living without monoculture methods and no longer uses any petrochemical based fertilisers or pesticides, so don’t ever think for one moment it can not be done because it can visit

There are NO excuses for poisoning our earth anymore, if you do you will get blown away, drowned or die of disease - its natures order NOT mine. You choose!!!

To living a healthy life.

Paul Barratt-Hassett
Author of The Sulphite Connection. A Hidden Pandemic Revealed! Finally, an answer to why we are sick.

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